Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well I'm in the depths of a summer that has so far been filled with work work work. Three jobs has kept me close to running on empty and for a large part of the past month slightly sick. Adding insult to injury or perhaps vice versa I sliced open my finger at work last week while unpackaging some bikes. A quick trip to see my pops had two sutures thrown in and I was back at the grindstone half an hour later. I put in my last day at one of the jobs, hired help for a friend at his country bungalo. A full day of moving dirt gave me a reason, not that I really needed another one to take of for college in the fall.
Yesterday was also my birthday driving home the point that I'm a certified adult. 19 doesn't seem to carry much along with it, I sort of wonder if this isn't what it's like turning 22 or maybe 30. Nothing cool happens really it's just a realization that you're getting old. blah blah blah. I'm tired and sick. yuck. I can't effectively muster the creative fervor or neccesary discipline to write more than I already have electronically scribbled down. Have it good.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's been a little while since I last posted anything on here. But now I'm done with school. Done with highschool to be exact. WEll sort of, There's this option to do what are called "Senior Projects" availabe to all seniors. The real kicker is that if you have at least a "B" in any of your classes and you're doing a senior project you don't have to attend the last two weeks of class and you don't have to take that final. So two other friends and I, we're gonna go up into one of two big old parks and map out a lake using a manajery of tools excluding the modern convenience of a GPS. Hopefully it'll be pretty cool and not too much of a back breaking labor intensive pain whis is exactly what my current part time job is. My official job title is straight up "Hired Help" so the job pretty much entails any and all manners of physical labor my employer a nice guy who has a small little family farm out at his house. HIs wife is super nice and makes really good lunches which make each days deliciously fun. Yesterday I got to saw and chop down a few dead trees which also made the day more fun. Kind of ironic me being a bit of a tree hugger and all now chopping them down. But that fun only lasted so long before it was back to the same of drab of moving rocks out of potential garden lots and digging trenches for raspberry bushes. But whateve' it pays and it's only once a week through June and it pays well.
I'm giving the class speech at graduation in a couple of weeks here so I've been trying to come up with an appropriate topic, thesis, premise to talk about and today I think I've narrowed it down though it might be super cliche and cheesy. I wanna get a few peoples insight before I continue with it. I also recieved the "Spirit Award" from school which was pretty sweet and all, it pretty much means I had the most school spirit through out the year. Hell yes. There's this whole awards assembly at school where scholarships are handed out and departmental awards are accepted. Then I come along and win this award totally independent of any kind of scholastic acheivement. Go black sheep me. I guess that's highschool all wrapped up.
Now it's Sunday and I can sleep in tomorrow for the first time while everyone younger than me goes back to school.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm home after a strenuous day learning about weather and it's effect on forest fires. I'm taking advantage of our spring break and going through a course that will allow me to become certified in fighting wildland forest fires. It's something like 32 hrs and a less than grueling physical test that verifies my ability to wage battle against 50 foot flames and raging winds. It was amazing the number of smokers lighting up during the numerous breaks and even more amazing were the number of cigarette butts casually scattering the grass lawn.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Well it's all over now. a Disappointing 2nd place finish for the hilltoppers. As much as it sucks I'm damn proud of our team. They're an unbelievable team with an outstanding record as evidence of that. With only two losses the entire season, I enjoyed watching them play for all but the the last minute of the last period of their last game.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Well our team has done it. We defeated Blake 4-2. It was an awesome game and we are in a good position for the semi-final game on Friday. Marshall played in their true front leading style. Dominating most of the game. Our goalie Jason Paul was phenomenal. School tomorrow then heading back down around 5. Watch the semi-final game on Friday and pray for the best.
Today is the start of Perhaps the best weekend in Minnesota. It's especially great because it's only wednsday. While New Orleans has Mardi Gras and the governement of Brazil handed out a few million condoms over Carnivalle Minnesota has the highschool state hockey tournament.
While our celebration is colder less publicized and perhaps a bit more underground our motive is all the same. To revelers of the south their raunchy parties come before Lent, historically the time of fasting and with far fewer luxuries than we normally enjoy. In the north star state this week is the last time we get to see our schools represented by some of the best players in the country. We get scream and cheer chants one last time before returning home for another three seasons.
But the three 17 minute periods is only the tip of the iceberg. While players relax soar muscles or tape sticks for the next game fans and classmates are mixing drinks and getting good and drunk. All across the twin cities hotel managers nervously watch minor after minor check into their hotel. Debauchery ensues behind closed doors as noisy parties last well into the morning. Sometimes as long as up until the start of the next game. Pregaming outside, sipping your awfully pungent coke before taking some gum and facing a principle, cop, security guard, and perhaps a familiar parent or two. But once inside these revelers unleash a torrent of banshee screams. Doing all thy can to transfer their manic energy into the skates of their players. Trying to give as much support as their team is giving effort.
I will miss state hockey one year from now when I'm a good two days drive to the west and the closest I'll come is my schools webpage. I'd better make this one count.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

After recovering from an awesome week of skiing in Bigsky I sit along with my fellow students on the eve of the section hockey championship. A win tomorrow unlocks the door to a weekend at the state tournament. A loss, well a loss would be horrible. Our team has had a truly remarkable season, surpassing the expectations of even the players. One loss to a team we won't face again and a tie with another team we may face in the future.
But Bigsky Montana. My parents and friend Max accompanied to the massive resort and ski area. There is nothing small or subtle about the place, from the lodges gigantic frame work and unnaturally huge sculptures inside to the astoudning acreage of skiing possibilities. While it doesn't have the longest runs in the country the possibillities of places to ski is incredible. What is often a damned shame is when all the possibilities are skied out and all that remains is a field of deep rutted moguls. When we arrived that was the word and Max and I were concerned. Our worried glances were swept clean by snow falling. It would continue to fall all throughout the week. Each morning we were awakened by the ski patrol blasting the upper reaches of the mountain. We skied so much powder and so many unskied lines that I don't have the energy to explain all the runs.
Perhaps the only drawback that accompanied the snow was strong winds causing one such white out so severe at the peak of the mountain I couldn't see past the tips of my skis. That kind of blindness in that envirnonment is far from fun. But the wind did blow alot of snow onto the proposed face we were about to ski and made for a bomber decent. Another great thrill came from a double black shoot, untracked till I pointed my two boards down and sunk fat turns into the snow. I narrowly avoided a tree and toppled over, but the sun was shining and my music kept on playin' so it was all good. That was one of the few sunny days. For the most part overcast skies blanketed us from a warm sun and we sought shelter in the trees. A few patches offered great lines and a real chill environment to cruise through.
On our last day we all ventured to Moonlight Basin, a small resort ajacent to Bigsky where the snow was deeper and fresher. Max and I lunched under a large pine and after taking off my skis I promptly sunk up to my waist. In my condition getting back into my bindings was a troublesome task but the whole day was so awesome that small event is easily overlooked. Skiing is so damn fun. But now I get to watch hockey, almost as fun as skiing.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm living in the midst of "Winter Frolic Week" a pride week at my school. Part of the whole package next to themed days and athletic events is the obvious "court" four couples voted on by the their peers grades 9-12. At a Monday morning assembly I learned that OMG! I made it! I'm on the court! My excitement could barely be contained. Sarcasm doesn't really work on these posts I suppose, but I was trying to be sarcastic. I guess it's kind of cool that I'm well liked and that my fellow court members aren't the typical characters in a hollywood chick flick. The captain of the football team didn't make it, but a kid going to yale. The cheerleader isn't there either but a girl in the top 10 percent of our class. In fact the only real jock is one of the other girls. She's super cool and really fast in track. But for the most part we all just seem pretty average. The big finale comes on Friday with the "dance off". My partner Anna and I started practicing tonight, we're going for humor since neither of us are very skilled dancers. The thing I've learned is that there is so much hype put on being elected to this court but I don't really feel any different and it's just alot of extra work. I wanna win just because I've already put this much work into the whole thing I may as well go all the way. So go "Couple #1" Anna and Fred, let's be awesome and win.