Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th. If I had to pick a day for something bad to happen I guess this would be the day. Ironically sadly enough nothing bad did happen. I biked to school for the first time in 06 and got to play hockey again. This bitch warm weather had put a halt on all outdoor ice so it was a welcome relief to be able to skate and shoot a puck around. Then I came home to watch the Minnesota Gophers schlack the North Dakota Fighting Sioux what, 6 to 1? That was pretty cool. Winter finally seems to be coming back, a ski race at my school brings the blustery month of January full circle. But I'm totally digging the fact that I biked to school in January. The temperature was hovering in the low 20's but shit, I was haulin' up the streets on this old skool Fuji. I roll on 27's and cross tires. The old zipties holding the various imperative cables down were replaced with I think chrome stays. The whole machine got an overhaul right before Christmas. It's a great winter bike through and through.


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