Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I ran into a snow bank on Monday after this wet snow/freezing rain turned the early morning roads to ice. Some chick crashed her van after a sharp turn and I had to swerve to avoid a serious jump in my insurance rates which as a teenage boy aren't exactly low. So instead I aimed my swedish machine for the soft bumper of a snow bank. The car is fine except for a mis-aligned front bumper. I love Minnesota for that reason, I can just run into snowbanks, pretty much get in an accident and pop it into reverse and be on my way no worries.
Running into a snowbank is suprisingly fun. It gives you a literal cushion to do the stupid things with your car a drivers ed instructor would cringe at, brake sliding through residential neighborhoods and if you come into the corner too fast? No biggy just wait for it... BAM! snow goes flying and the lumination from one of your headlights is dimmed. The only real trouble is if you get stuck, that's kind of lame because then you usually need someone with a big onbnoxious truck to save your ass from your parents knowledge that you were doing dumb shit in a car. On the other hand when the obnoxious truck pulls you out the driver is pleased because now his owning some gas guzzler is justified, sigh. What a catch 22.


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