Thursday, January 12, 2006

one of the many glorious aspects of being a senior in highschool is the oppurtunity to get the hell off campus during study halls and lunch. So my friend max and I take almost every chance we get to go skiing during a block study hall. When the schedules align we can ski from the time first hour ends 9:35 to the time 7th hour starts 12:40. Today the snow was soft and forgiving. This warm weather is nice to ski in. Most years frigid days turn the hill to ice and we careen down the side. Not earlier today, our edges could sink into each turn and everytime we hit a jump or noel we would touch down into the soft ground. A guy who recently moved here from Colorado joined us for a few runs there's this killer section off in the woods, a rock garden with tight lines and drops everywhere. A person could with enough snow ride a gaggle of lines linking up all the various features. All we could do today was visualize where we'll steer ourselves once we do get enough snow. The park is getting a final manicure for some big competition this weekend and was gorgeous as well, that's where we started the day. But relatively quickly it became over ran with the intense riders preparing to throw it all down this weekend. That could be pretty cool to check out.


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