Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What was a good week continues to improve.
I gave this little speech to the school on Monday, an option for all seniors to have a platform on which to say all that want to say. I felt like mine went well and recieved positive feedback so that was cool. Then yesterday there was the conference nordic ski meet yesterday. I enjoyed myself there taking 6th place in the skate race and qualifying for the all conference skate team. I was most definately psyched about that after deciding I wanted to to do well and really putting effort into the preperation leading up to it and reclaiming my number 1 spot on the team after I was thoroughly schalcked at the last rast by a little rat basterd of a kid and most of the team after an extensive night out on the town. So anyway after the conference meet was a hockey game pitting our team against a standing rival from last years state tournament. It was a close game full of turn overs and close calls ringing off the posts and scaring fans cheering wildly for both teams. In the end, after the buzzer sounded all that was left was a 3-2 score, home teams favor and a bunch of soar throats from cheers filling the arena and frantic yells to score and "put it in" Now a full 24 hours later my voice is still scratchy like an aged smoker. THEN! I got home went to bed and woke up today to snowblowing! It "F"ing snowed as well! That was really awesome. To finish it all off, tomorrow after school the ski team is leaving for Grand Marais (super cool little town) where we're spending the night and attending a race on Friday. between these 2 races I've been to school for about 3, 3.5 days total. Someone call vh1 because I've had, "the best week ever"


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