Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Today is the start of Perhaps the best weekend in Minnesota. It's especially great because it's only wednsday. While New Orleans has Mardi Gras and the governement of Brazil handed out a few million condoms over Carnivalle Minnesota has the highschool state hockey tournament.
While our celebration is colder less publicized and perhaps a bit more underground our motive is all the same. To revelers of the south their raunchy parties come before Lent, historically the time of fasting and with far fewer luxuries than we normally enjoy. In the north star state this week is the last time we get to see our schools represented by some of the best players in the country. We get scream and cheer chants one last time before returning home for another three seasons.
But the three 17 minute periods is only the tip of the iceberg. While players relax soar muscles or tape sticks for the next game fans and classmates are mixing drinks and getting good and drunk. All across the twin cities hotel managers nervously watch minor after minor check into their hotel. Debauchery ensues behind closed doors as noisy parties last well into the morning. Sometimes as long as up until the start of the next game. Pregaming outside, sipping your awfully pungent coke before taking some gum and facing a principle, cop, security guard, and perhaps a familiar parent or two. But once inside these revelers unleash a torrent of banshee screams. Doing all thy can to transfer their manic energy into the skates of their players. Trying to give as much support as their team is giving effort.
I will miss state hockey one year from now when I'm a good two days drive to the west and the closest I'll come is my schools webpage. I'd better make this one count.


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