Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's been a little while since I last posted anything on here. But now I'm done with school. Done with highschool to be exact. WEll sort of, There's this option to do what are called "Senior Projects" availabe to all seniors. The real kicker is that if you have at least a "B" in any of your classes and you're doing a senior project you don't have to attend the last two weeks of class and you don't have to take that final. So two other friends and I, we're gonna go up into one of two big old parks and map out a lake using a manajery of tools excluding the modern convenience of a GPS. Hopefully it'll be pretty cool and not too much of a back breaking labor intensive pain whis is exactly what my current part time job is. My official job title is straight up "Hired Help" so the job pretty much entails any and all manners of physical labor my employer a nice guy who has a small little family farm out at his house. HIs wife is super nice and makes really good lunches which make each days deliciously fun. Yesterday I got to saw and chop down a few dead trees which also made the day more fun. Kind of ironic me being a bit of a tree hugger and all now chopping them down. But that fun only lasted so long before it was back to the same of drab of moving rocks out of potential garden lots and digging trenches for raspberry bushes. But whateve' it pays and it's only once a week through June and it pays well.
I'm giving the class speech at graduation in a couple of weeks here so I've been trying to come up with an appropriate topic, thesis, premise to talk about and today I think I've narrowed it down though it might be super cliche and cheesy. I wanna get a few peoples insight before I continue with it. I also recieved the "Spirit Award" from school which was pretty sweet and all, it pretty much means I had the most school spirit through out the year. Hell yes. There's this whole awards assembly at school where scholarships are handed out and departmental awards are accepted. Then I come along and win this award totally independent of any kind of scholastic acheivement. Go black sheep me. I guess that's highschool all wrapped up.
Now it's Sunday and I can sleep in tomorrow for the first time while everyone younger than me goes back to school.