Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well I'm in the depths of a summer that has so far been filled with work work work. Three jobs has kept me close to running on empty and for a large part of the past month slightly sick. Adding insult to injury or perhaps vice versa I sliced open my finger at work last week while unpackaging some bikes. A quick trip to see my pops had two sutures thrown in and I was back at the grindstone half an hour later. I put in my last day at one of the jobs, hired help for a friend at his country bungalo. A full day of moving dirt gave me a reason, not that I really needed another one to take of for college in the fall.
Yesterday was also my birthday driving home the point that I'm a certified adult. 19 doesn't seem to carry much along with it, I sort of wonder if this isn't what it's like turning 22 or maybe 30. Nothing cool happens really it's just a realization that you're getting old. blah blah blah. I'm tired and sick. yuck. I can't effectively muster the creative fervor or neccesary discipline to write more than I already have electronically scribbled down. Have it good.